Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pregnancy v3.14

Aku memang takde cerita lain. Excuse me.

38weeks and 2 days on Friday. The baby is still inside. My gynae has been asking me "do you feel any contractions? Since week 36. I answered "no" each time. I don't even know how early contractions feel like. I was overdue and induced 2 years ago.

I am now 61.4kg (+1.1kg from week 37). The baby is approximately 2764gram (+250gram). Still growing. Good movements. Good amount of fluid. Nothing to be worried about at this point of time. But I am just worried if I will overdue again. Haih. Taknak woi. Nak rasa sakit datang sendiri.

My family will be here next Friday. I requested next checkup to be on Thursday. And the gynae suggested 9AM. AIYO. 9 freaking AM. Dgn traffic org nak gi keje lagi. Memang takyah mandi le Fifi. Semua pegi pakai baju tido. Pedulik! Tapi ntah ntah dah terbersalin kan? Amin.
Ok dah le tu.

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Kasih Kirana said...

Semoga dipermudahkan n selamat bersalin,Amin..^_^

Lin Ghazale said...