Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tiga Puluh Hanya Nombor

Jiwaku masih enam belas. LOL.

- 30years old
- 29years old husband (by months je. Jgn over perasan pls.)
- 25months old daughter
- 36 weeks pregnant

Dah lama tak celebrate besday. Seriously. Sobs sobs.

Thanks for all the wishes! Kalau terlepas tQ, aku jemaahkan sekali di sini ye? THANK YOU!!

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Ren said...

Happy belated birthday! (though i only know you from googling the term "ada aku kisah")...I'm also gonna be celebrating my 30th birthday this year..almost can't believe time flies so fast, eh? Huhu...

Julie M Gumpil said...

Love this. keep rocking... Hi, saya blogwalking saja.. nak tukar2 blog? mine: see u k..