Sunday, December 4, 2011

From Babycenter

Aku copy sebijik2. Aku tambah sikit. Yang bahasa Melayu.

You can also try these tips for reducing stress:

1) Practice saying "no." Now's as good a time as any to get rid of the notion that you can do it all. You can't, so learn to let your superwoman ideals go. Make slowing down a priority, and get used to the idea of asking your friends and loved ones for help.

2) Cut back on chores – and use that time to put your feet up, nap, or read a book. - Heh? Haha. Boleh kah?

3) Take advantage of sick days or vacation time whenever possible. Spending a day – or even an afternoon – resting at home will help you get through a tough week. - untuk orang bekerja, boleh buat kalau mahu. Anak yang ada, anto nursery.

4) Try deep-breathing exercises, yoga, or stretching.
Get regular exercise such as swimming or walking. - tak sompek. Exercise jari je sempat.

5) Do your best to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet so you have the physical and emotional energy you need. - ALAMAK!

6) Go to bed early. Your body is working overtime to nourish your growing baby and needs all the sleep it can get. - ALAMAK! Lagi sekali. Aku selaluuuuu tido lewat skrg. Kul 2 baru lelap.

7) Limit "information overload." Reading pregnancy books, surfing pregnancy websites, and listening to your friends' pregnancy stories are fine – but don't delve into all the scary things that might (but probably won't) happen during your pregnancy. Focus instead on how you're feeling and what's happening to you now. - satu buku pon tak baca. Konon hebat. Aku baca babycenter apps kat tepon ni kalau tgh boring mcm skrg.

8) Join (or create!) a support group. If you're coping with a difficult situation, spending time with others in the same boat can ease your burden. Many women create support networks online. Visit our pregnancy birth clubs to connect with other moms-to-be grappling with similar issues.
If you're under unusual stress or feel like you're at your breaking point, ask your healthcare provider to refer you to a therapist, who can better assess how strong your anxiety has become and what you may need to do to feel better. Listen openly to what he or she has to say. Getting help during pregnancy will protect you and your baby from unnecessary risks and reduce your chances of postpartum anxiety and depression. - dah ada. Twitter. Berderet mak mak kat sana.

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