Thursday, December 8, 2011


Everything annoys me this week. Almost everything including some people whom I usually talk to, have nothing againts, have respect for. Benda bukan hidup pon sama. Even the pre-loved stroller that Wandy bought for Fifi annoys the hell outta me. Rasa nak campak keluar. Nak muntah pun ada. Aku tengok nasik pon rasa "annoying nya la nasik ni". Tapi terpaksa tengok sebab Fifi nak makan. Aku avoid nasik as much as I can.

I should refrain myself from talking to anyone. Well, except Fifi. She who I can never say no too. I can, but she won't understand. Lagilah annoying. I can make peace with her and her alone.


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cc said...

hahahahaha! kelakar

sabar eh nyah, lg bebebebeberap hari je nak balik :D

Lin Ghazale said...

Tulah. Sedang bersabar ni dgn bukak discussion pasal
Chatime Hahaha