Friday, September 16, 2011

Weaning Off Fifi -- Pre- Day#1

After my Terluah entry, I got a lot fo advices from friend. On twitter mainly. Oh I love twitterland so much. So, please don't ask why I spend so much time on it. Basically, they told me if I already started feeling stress about breastfeeding Fifi, they sugggested that I should think about weaning off. Pregnant mother + stress = tak elok. Lagipun kadang2 aku termarah Fifi sebab asik mintak titek. Tak elok.

1. I have become a source of comfort more than a source of food.
2. I am not producing much milk due to pregnancy. Am in 2nd trimester already.
3. My nips condition is hmm bad. I had to apply Medela Nipple cream all day long. If tak letak, rasakan kesengsaraannya. The area will be VERY dry and bole luka. (and gatal sometimes bila kena air liur Fifi, this I am not sure why)
4. My plan to lessen our bfeeding sessions, failed. Kadang jadi. Kadang tak.
5. Most of the time she still needs me to doze off. During the day (whenever we are home), BF to sleep! Huwaaa. During bedtime, she still wants to BF to khayalkan diri. But she will fall asleep on her own. I just ignore her if she asks for titek sbb dah kasi tadi.
6. I have started to think when I am in labor mcmana nak handle dia pulak? Lepas adik keluar, tandem nursing? No no no. She'll be 26 months when adik baby pops out. If don't start now, nak start once my belly is everywhere memboyot? That must be tougher than now.

These are the reasons, most of them. Ada lagi. Tapi simpan dalam hati, nak tau, tanya. Hahaha. Tak memasal plak nak suh org tanya :P

Ok habis cerpen. Nanti sambung Day#1.

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