Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It's 12.49am and the child isn't sleeping yet. ARGH! *pulls hair slowly*. And I have a headache from not eating on time. I skipped lunch because by the time she took her 1 hour nap, I was too lazy too cook for myself. Only managed to blender chillis and onions. Lepas tu MALAS!I had to cook separately today because we didn't have much left in the fridge. Don't ask me why.

This evening, I took her for a walk and played ball. Then bath time. Dinner. And tiba-tiba dia ngantuk. I was like "Aish good news!". She fell asleep while nursing at 7pm. Anddddddddddddddddddddddd she woke up at almost 10pm. Cubaan untuk menidurkan kembali gagal kerana I didn't cave when she asked for "t*t*k" sebab dah bagi dah sekali before she woke up tu.

She's playing joyfully around the house now. Turning her toys basket upside down. Sweeping the living room. Leaving her Lego all over the living room. Blablabla. She got 1 round of "t*t*k" just now and no signs of exhaustion.


ಌ Lin Ghazale

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