Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pre-Mother's Day

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. People may say everyday should be mother's day but I think we need one day for celebration, no? The day when we can be extra mengada like "I don't wanna cook today because it Mother's day. I will only cook for Fifi". Huehuehuehue. Ah how I wish. 

Last year I got a slice of cake for Mother's day. Let's see what I will get this year. Mengharap koooo. Ntah2 lupa tak? I wanted to go out before Wandy starts his classes/labs but Fifi is down with a flu. Meleleh2 hingus. Kesian. Maybe sebab aku mandikan dia time sejuk sangat kelmarin kot? Or sebelum tu lagi dah ada symptom. I don't know. I can only find fault and blame myself.

Ok la. Wandy has gone out to get his new iPhone 4. White. Chait. Takpe. Aku tunggu next gen. Bersabar itu separuh daripada i....................KANNNNNNNN - kata anak Hellos&Il4na. HAHAHHHAHAHA masih kelakar sampai ke hari ini. Masa basuh pinggan pon aku gelak sorang2.

I gotta start make Fifi's lunch.

And it's raining outside. Maka lagi sejuk la di luar.


ಌ Lin Ghazale

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