Tuesday, May 24, 2011

House #3

Now comes to the area where I spend most of my time in. NOT! Acakodeng je. If you know me, I am not the kind of person who is into cooking. Or maybe not yet. We'll see. 

My kitchen is actually about the same size as the kitchen in our Selayang condo. But it feels smaller here. Maybe because the other areas are small, terasa mcm ada illusi optic gitu? Yo la kau. 

The first picture below was taken from our front door. You can't see it but on my left is the cooking and washing area. Wandy bought me 1 small dapur, 1 stove je. Aku redha. Next to the coffee maker is our tiny fridge. Terasa aku tinggi bila diri sebelah fridge tu. Huehuehue.
You can see the cooking and washing area in the picture below. See the small stove? And the large sink. Sink tu quite besar. But one je lah, leaving me with a very very very tiny space for drying. That's why, I wash the dishes by batch. Sikit2. Tak muat kalu, aku bior je la dalam sink tu. Btw, dapur aku memang semak gini. Tak cukup cabinet la katakan.
Nah gambo sinki. On the left tu je lah drying space nya. But due to the lack of space,  I am a bit rajin in clearing up my sink. Kering je simpan. Kering je simpan.

Ni gambo saje2. Laundry area. Picture was taken from inside the bathroom. No dryer ye? Maklum lah student. Semekin. Ni hujan2 ni sebakul baju tak berbasuh. I am not sure winter nanti bagaimana. Huhu. Tapi orang lain boleh, kita pon bolehhhhhhhhh.
Ok finish.

This will be my last entry of House. You wouldn't want to see my bedroom, would you? :D.

So what else do you wanna see? I'll try my best to prep it for you. Please proceed to the front desk to get your number. We will call you shortly. TQ. Huehuehue.

ಌ Lin Ghazale


Chekgu Azrine said...

bestnya dok obersee.. hehehe

salam perkenalan LIN

Shween said...

lakang rumah kak? bathroom kecik tak? unik siot rumah jepun ni!!!

Lin Ghazale said...

chekgu azrine, salam perkenalan :D

shreen, blkg rumah takde apa.dah tunjuk dalam house #1.

Anonymous. said...

babe, lawaknya font! font apa ni?

Lin Ghazale said...

Ha lawak?
Ade dalam blogger, sila check.

Anonymous. said...

eh silap! lawa!!!! opps terlebih type sudah.

Lin Ghazale said...

Tulis dalam body tu, nama dia Puritan.