Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Mak.

*It's already 20th May in Japan.*

My mother was born on this day  59 years ago in Muar, Johor. 

Let's see some facts about her. 

Fact #1 - eventhough she spent most of her lifetime in Melaka, she has been very loyal to Johor except when Johor people do something bad, she would claim that she is orang Melaka. Chehhh. But I tell you here that the middle numbers of her identification card is 01. Boo! Orang lain sumer 04 :P

Fact #2 - she has the smallest feet in the family. She's like on the fence. Kids size paling besar, adult size paling kecik. Thus, it is super difficult to find her shoes. 

Fact #3 - she prefers stick over auto-transmission car.

Fact #4 - the latest I heard, she wants to go see Nur Kasih the Movie at the cinema. Alasan: nanti bila keluar Astro First, mesti dah potong2. Tak syok.Hahaha. Bawak lah dik...

Fact #5 - cukup la tu kan? Banyak sangat pulak kang.

We had (to tell you the truth, still have) our arguments. While we have at each other, nevertheless we agree on certain things. That's part of relationship with another human being. At least that's what I believe. Takkan baik sentiasa. Hidup kan roda. We go up and down.

Despite of everything, I still love her and will continue to love her until the last breath of my life. May Allah bear you with good health untuk menunaikan suruhanNya. Amin.

Happy Birthday, mak!

P.S. Bersepah-sepah je ayat. Pedulik kah?


Tertinggal nak upload:

Terima lah dance dari Fifi sebagai hadiah :P


ಌ Lin Ghazale


Faiza said...

Wei mak kita share same besday la.. Kebetulan? Tapi taun lain

Lin Ghazale said...

haha ye ke? Happy Birthday Makcik.