Friday, May 27, 2011

Flyday is here.

Finally it's Friday. Yes, stay-at-home-mothers do look forward for Fridays and weekends. Don't get me wrong, we are still the ones who cook, etc during these periods. But at least we can delegate one task, taking care of the child/children. Thus, more time to catch a breathe, less time spending at "So and so! Can you stop doing this or that and play with this and that instead!"

Apart from that, as for me who does not speak nor read the native language of this country, weekends are for jalan-jalan time. Hahaha. jalan-jalan aje keje ko! Yes, I wait for weekends though I can actually go hop on the train to Hachioji or the closest outlet by now. Tapi aku malas. Senang citer. Kehkehkeh. Dekat US pon aku takde lah nak jalan sorang nya bhai. Kasi 1 kawan, baru best.

Lagi apa ye.

Oh ye. My sister and future BIL are coming on Sunday by AA. So they'll arrive here at 10.30pm. Hence, our jalan-jalan time starts Monday. Until Next Tuesday evening. More people, less time I spend taking care of Fifi. Not that I hate doing that. Again, don't get me wrong. I am only telling you the truth. Come on.

Ask any mothers, I bet at least half of them are on the same page as me. Ok perasan. Ntah2 aku sorang je. Muahahaha

Till then, have a nice weekend, mothers!


ಌ Lin Ghazale


zamnzara said...

#1 working mum pn look fwd for friday and weekends kot.

#2 ko nak bwk org jln2, sapa yg reti ckp jepun? ke ko bwk derg tmpt wandy dh bwk ko jek? hahaha...

#3 aku pn cm ko. we sumtimes, jus need some breather kot. life sdr sekejap. dats y kekdg aku suka spend lelama dlm bilik air cos dats like "me time" alone tanpa gangguan. wen hb around dat is lah.

Lin Ghazale said...

kalau yg dkt2 boleh je. kalau perlu cakap, aku cakap je la aku tak tau japanese. haha

Mama Ardini said...

aku pon sama. more people, less time spend for taking care of izzah. hehe