Thursday, May 12, 2011

16 months

Dear Fifi,

You are 16months old today!

  1. Never fail to make me laugh.
  2. Never fail to make me pulls my hair off my head.
  3. Never fail to draw smiles on my face.
  4. Never fail to make me worry.
No, you never fail at doing anything. 

I am sorry for yelling at you and flicking your hands or feet or mouth. But can you just stop doing something that can put you in danger and listen to me more? Please?

You know what, that's part of growing up. I believe I got a fair share of those yelling and flicking too.


One of her dance moves. 


ಌ Lin Ghazale


Jaja® said...

haha. bkn main lg dia henjut =p

Lin Ghazale said...

Haha tu aaa. Nnt aku try capture yg gelek2 pinggul plak.

Qas Firdaus said...

manja yek dia dengan bapak dia.


ngape romper terjuntai2 tu nakkk. suh mami ko lekatkan balik. hahaha

happy 16months old Fifi. :)

Lin Ghazale said...

itu pesen aunty...#kejutanbudaya gitu. hahahaha.

AJ The Mommy said...

sweet nye mummy fifi buat surat berantai ni :')