Friday, March 25, 2011

What Am I Thinking Now?

I've been going to Mydin for almost everyday since the past one week. Sikit2 pegi Mydin. Bersorak Encik Mydin di rumah beliau "Wang besarr wang besarrr". Today, there was MPH sale. 20%, 30% off. I bought a couple of books for Fifi. And I also got one for me. Wanna give a shot of what book I bought? Muahaha. Teka la teka la. Eh kau. Beriya suruh orang teka.

Preparation for Japan is almost done. Wandy has already packed his bags. Just the boxes to ship je yang belom settle lagi. I need to ship the boxes before Wednesday because they are really heavy, I don't how I can lift them by myself at the post office. With Fifi around summore. I can't leave Fifi at the house with my mom because she'll have her chemo session on Monday. Usually she will not be herself for 2 weeks (or more). Nausea, melepek, tak bole makan, kaki lemah etc. How can she chase around a 14 months old toddler who has just dapat kaki?  So I need to pack everything faster lah. 

I need to go see a tailor to tempah my dress for adik's wedding. The soonest I can tempah, the better I feel. Habis semua benda nak buat sebelom tinggalkan Malaysia. InsyaAllah. Hmm pasal ni pun risau jugak sebenarnya. Hopefully condition selamat, sesuai so that boleh pegi. I can't stand to be apart from my husband for 2 years. Gilakah? Tak boleh wo. Since I got married, the longest I had been apart with him was 1 week. I also need to tempah baju kurung for Fifi. Kain dah ada. Tapi tak jumpa siapa boleh jahit baju budak. Serve me right tak reti menjahit!

I weighed myself today. I am 42kg. That's enough. Any lower than that, I'll be like a walking skeleton pulak. Dah la bontot leper, takde daging. Gila babs tak lawa. Dah la sedia tak lawa. I wonder which part of my body yang losing weight since I still got some perut berlipat here. Hai la perut.

Orait. Bye!

ಌ Lin Ghazale


Melissa said...

sigh.42kg with 1 child.mcm mana i ni? -_____-

Lin Ghazale said...

haha. sila cermin diri sendiri ye. awak tu tinggi, i ni rendang. haha. nnt jadi jerangkung plak kang ringan2 sangat.

rozanna- said...

uihh kurusnya??? i dah tak dapat mengembalikan berat 42 kg :(