Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Wandies Passport Holder

Recently, while browsing a friend's blog, I suddenly felt the need to have a passport holder. Though we have only gone overseas once, come to think of it, preparing ourselves up at or before the immigration counter could take us sometime when we have to dig in our bag. We usually put everything in a huge backpack, senang. 1 orang bawak bag, 1 orang bawak anak. Pembawa anak can ask anything from the pembawa bag because he/she knows where everything is. Sometimes he/she teraccident main campak je dalam bag, maka terkelepet2 la passport kami. Aku sayang passports tu. You know how much they cost.

As you may already know, I am no good at sewing (and other girly things, to be frank). Therefore, to get a passport holder, I have to order online lah. I want a handmade passport holder because they are cuter and cheaper. I am comparing it with those leather passport holders. Even the 'non-branded' ones can make a hole in your pocket.

I ordered mine from tote-boutique. I think I was lucky because I didn't have to be in the waiting list or anything. I hate being in a waiting list. Wahaha. Wait2 takmau, aku carik lain. Here it is:

Actually, before I ordered with tote-boutique, I went to a different seller. I didn't satisfy with what she did. The holder can't hold 3 passports. Tensen guwe. Kelepet2, sendat je. So I will give it to someone. With tote-boutique, Alhamdulillah. Please bear in mind that I am talking about my own experience. I am sorry if you have bad experiences with tote-boutique.

But if you are good at sewing, jahit sendiri lebih bagus kerana (tidak lebih dari 10 patah perkataan):
  • Cost-saving.
  • Less risk.
  • More fun. Bole sukahati pilih kain. 
Sekian sahaja. Today is Tuesday, tomorrow is Wednesday :(

P.S. Ok tak header blog? Aku dah boring dengan yang lama. Aku kan cepat boring.

ಌ Lin Ghazale


azzamoro said...

lin, berapa RM ko beli ni? cute gile.

Lin Ghazale said...

Cute kan? Aku sukaaa. Haha.
Ni aku cakap kat dia, aku nak letak 3 passport. Aku rase dia besarkan sikit kot supaya muat.

zamnzara said...

canttiiikkk...aku pn rs nak gak. simpan suma kat 1 tmpt. xde lah hilang dak?