Thursday, March 17, 2011


Hello kawan2,
  • Alhamdulillah. We've got a tenant for this house at the veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery the last minute. Yes, this morning. Let's hope that the tenant will take good care of our little property. 
  • City has found its new owner tapi ntah apa lagi yang bank nak. Aku pon tak tau lah. Let's leave it at that because I have no idea what the pending issue(s) is(are).
  • Japan is another story. We will leave it to Allah up until the last minute. As for now, we're dealing with some issues and planning backup plans e.g calling MAS, look through the calendar. I'm sure Allah have better plans for us that we need to deal with all of these now. Kan?
  • Calling MAS. Apsal susah sangat hoi? Sakit hati lah. Tak dapat2 pon. Tak dapat = tak dapat bercakap dengan manusia. Demmit! 
  • Calling MBB to increase credit card limit. Just in case. MARA kan tak bagi duit pendahuluan siap2 dari Malaysia. So we have to scrape the bottom of the barrel la if deemed needed. Nak buat macamana kan?
  • We're going back to my hometown for good tomorrow as the new tenant wants to move in as soon as possible. Actually she wanted to move in tonight but we told her, "Tak boleh lah kak. Besok lah boleh". She's fine with that. Syukur. So, good bye KL. we shall see you again.
  • Ok dah habis

Mari doa suami saya selamat pergi dan pulang? Ok? Bolehkah? Thank you.

ಌ Lin Ghazale


Wafaa said...

Good bye KL. hello melaka/

ajan said...

Bye bye wandy! Safe trip!
Lin: kau pegi bila?

Lin Ghazale said...

Wandy postpone to 30th.
Aku pegi 22nd May.