Sunday, March 6, 2011


I had been wanting to buy it since Fifi was 4-5 months old. I managed to put the urge behind me all this while. Until I browsed through the website again last 2 weeks. I was actually browsing for Fifi's shampoo. Her hair is getting "merrier" (a bit longer), so it is time to use proper hair shampoo instead of her bath cream oil. It took me the whole weekend to think whether I should go ahead and put my order. Though, the word BUY BUY BUY had been playing in my head since days before. 

And finally, I made up my mind. I bought it! With her name embroidered on it!

I bought it from Tiny Tapir as they are the only shop (that I know) that offers embroidery on Zoobies. Refer their website for pricing. Basically, 1 tempat, RM10. Kalau nak banyak2 tempat, tambah la 10 10 10 10 10. Kekeke. You can also choose the placement of your kids' names and type of fonts and color you like.

Why did I choose Tama? Because I showed Fifi all the animals one by one and she was particularly happy when seeing Tama. You know, because it's a turtle. It is actually a tortoise as claimed on Zoobies website. Tapi Fifi belasah je "tete tete tete tete".

The blanket is super soft. Kalau Fifi tendang2 selimut malam2, baik aku je gune. Nyenyak tido. Muahahaha.

Jom ajar Fifi tido dengan Ms Turtle.

P.S. Aku sebenarnya banyak masalah!

ಌ Lin Ghazale

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