Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Still On.

Despite of what is happening in Japan currently, we are still moving out of the house. Wandy is still flying off as of now. (He will give everybody a call tomorrow to check the latest status though). Thus I still need to do these things:
  • Pack everything that is needed to be shipped off by kapal.
  • Pack everything that should be in our luggage bag and not be touched anymore for the next 2 months.
  • Pack everything that will be used everyday for the next 2 months.
  • Clear the house. Btw, our house still has no tenant. :(
  • Clean the house. Semua nak kena diberus dan disental.
Ada lagi, but yang di atas ni pun dah cukup banyak sebenarnya.

I hope everything will be just fine for us and others. Amin.

On another note, I got a copy of A Doctor in the House last Sunday. I managed to buy it from MPH Crowne Plaza Hotel. I didn't go look at other bookstores. I just called MPH bookstores. Fortunately, their Crowne Plaza branch still got a few copies. I am only at Chapter 3 ke 4? Sangatlah slow. Baca pun malam2 je boleh. Siang2 tak payah la. Silap2 rabak setiap helai buku tu kang. 

Please pray for everyone to be safe.


ಌ Lin Ghazale


rozanna- said...

MPH Crowne Plaza hotel tu dekat jek ngan ofis dulu.. hari2 lalu tapi tak penah singgah pun..

Selamat berangkat yer

Asma said...

harap semuanya lancar dan dilindungi Allah swt..w/pun jepun tgh kelam kabut sekarang ni tp rasanya semuanya akan ok. InsyaAllah..

btw..syoknya duk di perantauan...=)