Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Randomly Written

Aku memang suka cerita secara rawak. Sebab cerita sumer pendek2 or cerpen2. Nak tulis dalam entry berlainan pon tak berbaloi entry. Aku patut create new label called "randomly written".

Tonight is the last night of Wandy being with us. We will have to wait for 50 days before seeing him again. I downloaded Countdown app into my iPhone. Keke. 50 days, tak lama lah kan kan? T___T

He went to the post office today to mail our boxes. We had 3 boxes to be mailed out. But only 2 went through. Our "talian hayat" food box was 2kg over the maximum weight limit. Miahaha. So we need to unpack and take out a few things and put them in the 4th box. *Tiba-tiba ada 4th box :P*. This is not done yet. I thought we were gonna do it tonight. But Wandy is all drained out from visiting his relatives around Melaka & Masjid Tanah.  Sebenarnya, dia angin. Perut masuk angin. I am not sure how because we ate on time today. Suamiku ni mcmni lah. Berangin2. I really don't understand. I think he may have developed allergy towards certain food which he, himself, has yet to identify.

Fifi got her sunhat today. But I (and my sister and my mom) think, it couldn't last untill she's 2yo. Fifi has a very round head as if she was born through c-section. This was what the nurses and orang tua-tua told me ever since she was in confinement until now. Yes, kepala dia bolat mcm keluar ikut tingkap bukan ikut pintu. Therefore, I asked jasa baik Puan Mai Okinokiyo to change the hat to the next size. 

Gambar nanti post sekali harunglah once the new sunhat sampai. If besar sedikit the new sunhat, aku redha je lah. Anak aku memang saiz tak tepat. Baju singkat tapi lebar. Kalau baju tak lebar, jadi panjang pulak dah mcm rupa orang Chile dah, kata papa. Why Chile? You need to ask my husband. Cloth diaper pon certain brand je baru fit betul. Kalau tak, peha besar, pinggang ketat. Peha just nice, pinggang longgar pulak.

Ok bye!

ಌ Lin Ghazale

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SRS said...

Good luck menghantar di airport beb! I know the feeling and on the way balik rumah from airport is gonna the worst! Be strong!!!