Thursday, March 31, 2011

MAS Refund #2

We managed to get the refund for Fifi's ticket. Total refund is RM800+. And we purchased Fifi's new ticket right away for RM81 tax included. The ticket price is RM65 sahaja. If only infants could travel by themselves, kahkahkah. Murah betol.

Refund process was done at KLIA ticketing office. It was still open at 8pm. I don't know their working hours. If you are ever in the same position as ours, you should give them a call first. Jangan terjah je seperti kami.

Cerita lain. Wandy sudah pergi. Semoga selamat dan sihat semuanya kat sana nanti. He'll be coming back on 19th May. Another 48 days to go. Haiyo.

P.S. Masa cepatlah berlalu. Jam cepatlah berdetik

Lin Ghazale


Jaja® said...

take care beb.

Faiz said...

lin.. infant ticket tu dapat seat x? umur below 2 years old kira infant la erk?

Lin Ghazale said...

Infant ticket tak dapat seat. Kalau nak seat. Bayar full kot. Rasanya semua airlines mcmni. Ke ada yg tak?

Faiz said...

Oo aku tak tahu menahu.. Logic la jugak kan x dpt seat murah cenggitu..