Thursday, March 24, 2011

Busy Woman

Since I got here last Friday, there has not been one day that I stayed at home for the whole day. Ha faham ke ayat ni? We went out everyday to settle a lot of things before 30/3.

Gen2 grant
City insurance and bank issues
Food to bring
Mcm2 lagilah

Tomorrow we are going to KL again. During our last trip on Monday, Wandy found out that the japs embassy only granted him a 15-days visa. Mana cukup! The issue was traced to Wandy application was mistakenly assumed the same as the rest of YPM delegation passports. Ha diorg mmg lah pegi kejap je. But not Wandy lah. Nasib baik bole ammend je not reapply. Katanya besok bole gi amik lah kat YPM nun. Kita nantikan jawabannya besok.

Another thing we just found out today was if you are buying MAS ticket online during MATTA Fair (MATTA Fair je aku tau case camni), they will charge infant ticket price the same as an adult. Luckily we called MAS today and the agent said we can refund and buy a new ticket at around 80bux for infant. (other taxes etc not included lg kot ni). But still wayyyyyyyyx999999 cheaper than 1k kan?

Process refundnya? We are not sure yet sbb belum buat. Hehehe. Dah tahu nnt aku tulis.

Sekian saje ilmu ini malam


Lin Ghazale


Ira said...

owh really? kalo boleh refund lg bagus.. eh jap, applicable ke utk ayna yg dah 3 thn lebeh ni?? haha..

Lin Ghazale said...

3tahun lebih dah kira dewasa kan? Dah bole kawin. Hahhaa. Dia tiket berstatus infant je bole refund kot