Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Walk Baby Walk

Jalan-jalan @ DSH
Soooooooo, Miss Sofia Alani took her first steps last Saturday, 29/1/2011. We were going out that day for her MMR + pneumococcal jabs @ DSH. I was preparing her diaper bag. And out of a sudden, she stood up and took a few steps. It was 6 or 7 steps. Phewit. 

Few days prior to that, I did teach her to walk by holding to only one of my hands. She usually wanted to hold to both hands. But I hid either one so that she could stabilize herself and strengthen her upper thighs. Kalau tidak, mcm nak bergayut kat tangan je. Kaki tak kuat. I knew she could walk by herself, she just wanted to hold my hand, so I tried another trick. Pegang kain or something, And then sikit2 kasi lepas tangan aku. Nanti dia igt aku still pegang. Walaupon tak berapa jadi, I just thought it contributed a bit. Muahahaha.

Until today, dia ada lah jalan2 sikit bila dia mahu. 4-6 steps. Macam2 tu lah. Tak bertambah. Dia jenis gopoh sikit. Baru bangun, blom stable dah nak melangkah. Memang le jatuh balik. Haish. And she doesn't want anyone to help her stand. She wants to stand up sendiri. Kalau kami tolong, nanti dia taknak jalan. Or dia taknak diri pon. OK fine Fifi fineeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I still can't get any video of she's wobbling walking. Ini kerana, dia tak bole nampak orang nak amik gambo dia. Mesti datang menyebok T_______T.

Ok dah habes pasal Fifi.

Babai u ols.

P.S. It's already February T_______________________T

ಌ Lin Ghazale

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