Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I did it. Only after I cancelled my credit card as a new year's resolution. Haha tipu je. I don't have any resolutions. It was cancelled due to an incident which I thought I got scammed. It turned out to be something else and it wasn't a fraud. Heh. And it wasn't me either. Ha pelik kan?

But now I don't have wireless connection. Nak mengharapkan 3G, toksah le. Maka bila ade kesempatan je la bole sukaria mendownload.

I need suggestions on apps yang bagus for a 12 months old. Sekarang ni asik la geleng kepala. Aku dah click semua apps dlm folder dia, pon dok geleng2 lagi. Boring kot.

Oh and I am back in Selayang.

Bye and good night!

P.S. Countdown: 7 days.

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