Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Wandy's Friday Night

Our weekend activity started as early as Friday night. Tak sabar2 nak berjalan. We went to OU. The crowd was okay. Not too many people walking around. Maybe because today was working day, so people usually just go home and rest to re-energize for Saturday and Sunday activities. It was just nice for us strolling around lah. Senang cerita. Kalau ramai2, selalu stuck kat belakang sekumpulan orang yang jalan slow, dah tu conquer plak satu jalan tu. 

We had Subway as our dinner. Wandy got some "buy 1 free 1" coupons from newspapers. Dia pon tak igt which newspapers. Tapi ada beberapa keping la dia ada. 

Cik Fifi at Subway. She was trying to make friends with the kids from the next table. 

Selepas itu ke Body Shop membeli sesuatu. Dan seterusnya ke Lovely Lace membeli headband. An outing is not an outing if Fifi doesn't get new stuff :| 

Satu saja.
Fifi lepas Subway, jalan2 nak ke Body Shop, dah terlentuk. Mantap! If there was a "Like" button on her stroller, I would've clicked it like a thousand times. Akakaka.

Ok dah bye!

P.S. Kalau cerita macamni hari2, mesti ramai orang meluat kan? Tapi silalah baca URL atau header blog ini.

ಌ Lin Ghazale

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