Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Got a Problemo

I got a problem. 

You see, Fifi has been down with diaper rash for almost 1 week. Tebal rash. It was a scary sight to look at 4 or more times per day :|. At the beginning of this ordeal, I still wore her cloth diapers but I tried my best to change her every 2 to 2.5 hours. Since she has sensitive skin and I know putting on EMAB bottom balm solely would not work on her (because I tried), I applied cortisone cream that her paed prescribed, on her bottom 1-2times a day. But it just didn't work after a few days.  Degil sangat rash kali ni. 

Because I didn't want to prolong the use of cortisone, I had to use disposable diaper to keep her dry. Maksud aku adalah, let say cortisone tu bole pakai 1 week continuously and then you must stop, so I need to think other ways utk Fifi elok in that one week lah. Kalau bole elok lagi cepat, lagi sekejap guna cortisone, lagi bagus. Paham ke? Plus, months ago, the paed told me that since she has mild eczema, she could also be sensitive to the cloth diaper material. If you google, you'll know that it is best that eczema sufferers wear cotton. Cotton adalah yang terbaiklah kiranya. BTW, to date, I use nappy liner as a barrier.

Aight, dah corner jauh. So, I started on Friday, using only disposables. Sooooooo Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. 4 days. The rash is almost gone now. Ada lagi sikit2 je. The problem now is, the M disease dah melekat sikit. Wahahaa. 

Itu je la masalah aku sebenarnya. Masalah MALAS. Masalah dah syok. But no no no no no *sambil geleng2 kepala*. I must stop. Maybe, Wednesday start balik la berCD2an. Ekekeke.

5 days to 11 months.
8 days to jalan-jalan.



P.S. Sila pergi jauh penyakit malas hoi!

ಌ Lin Ghazale


Mama Ardini said...

Fifi selalu kena rash ka? Sian dia. Hep! jangan malas2. Rugi dah beli CD byk2 tu. hehe

Lin Ghazale said...

Yg teruk jarang. Last time kene cmni masa 4 ke 5 bulan tah. Yg sikit2 tu selalu la.

ZaTiL said...

hi roza,

try guna candid B. so far tak pernah fail on both my boys' skin.

Lin Ghazale said...

candid B tu utk gune all the time ke untuk bila rashes ada?

ZaTiL said...

candid B tu guna biler ader rashes sahaja.