Saturday, November 13, 2010

Let's Go, We Go!

Weekend is here. Hoyeh!

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Currently, I am into watching cooking shows on TV such as Top Chef, Masterchef US and others on TLC @707, AFC @703. Thus, I feel hungry all the time. No, I don' get the "semangat" to cook pon. I am just too lazy. I do try some easy recipes I found while blog-walking though. I just know if I try those complicated recipes, confirm takkan jadi lah. Tangan pengkau said orang Melaka. Huahua. Maka, try yang mudah-mudah je. At least, the recipes that I can make for breakfast or tea time. 

I suck at baking cakes. I cheat once in a while. I just buy Betty Crocker's. Haha. Main tipu. They are still cheaper than buying slices of cakes from SR or anywhere though. So ok la kan? Dari buat from scratch and then meleleh air liur kempunan tak dapat makan sebab tak jadi? 

In my teenage years, I baked banana cake. Jadi pulak tu. Have I lost my skills? Eyceh. Skill la konon. I think I should start learning (again) on how to bake. Fifi is growing, in no time, she'll be ready to explore more adult food. 

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Ntah bila nak learn nya. I have plenty of free time at home actually but I have to spend it into Cik Fifi. All the time in the world is dedicated to her. 

On another note, Wandy went for the interview on Tuesday. He said, out of 10, he felt like he got a 7.5 only. T______________T. It's okay, benda dah lepas. Tak boleh diulang. Let's hope for the best. If it is meant to be, it'll happen. Now, we wait. The part that I don't like the most - waiting. 

P.S. Please make du'a for us. :)


IzzyB. said...

aku pn suka tgk top chef skrg. masterchef cam still early kot sbb ramai lg contestant dia. tp x lah follow. but akunya aim b4 beranak, nak angkat flat screen 1. leh subscribe astro byond, tgk food network yg u.s. tu. leka gila weyh...

Lin Ghazale said...

yaaa.sesekali tgk reality show without drama yg bukan2, best.

angkat flat screen.jgn tak angkat!

Jaja® said...

hihi.. aku pun terpengaruh tgk cite masak memasak ni (^_^)
nak cuba la resipi baru, tp daniel asyik dok peluk kaki aku je dapur so cancel..