Monday, November 8, 2010

How I Met Your Papa 102

Hi Fifi,

The year was 2004.

After I went back to the States, I became angau. Tidur tak lena; mandi tak basah; makan tak kenyang. Ok tipu je. Tidur lena; mandi of course basah; makan kalau tak kenyang, something must be wrong with me, medically.

Your papa was going on a Euro Trip that February. I was like okay, pegi lah. In the US, we have a 1-2 weeks break right around that time. Spring break kot? When all the mat/minah salehs pegi bergumbira di tempat panas2. I was not planning to go anywhere. But out of the blue, I said "Nak ikut", jokingly. It started from a joke, terus jadi bener-beneran. I bought a ticket to CDG Airport, Paris and met papa there. Mommy hebat kan? But deep down, I was a bit scared because travelling alone to a country where English is not their first language. 

Accommodation was settled by papa. It was a crappy, cheap hotel. Haha. More like a hostel. Their single rooms didn't come with a bathroom. Kena pi mandi kat bilik air luar. Tapi the guys' room lawa pulak. Cet. But everything was ok and safe. May I remind you Fifi, when you grow up, please pre-check your hotel/hostel room first before you go on vacation/trips. Or better yet, don't stay in a hostel. Miahahaha

Off I went to Paris, alone. The flight was not that long. Around 4-5 hours.Ke 3? I don't remember.

*Sight-seeing *

@ Musee du Louvre (KOT)

Don't ask why the pic is the way it is :P

Then it was time to go back already. Papa continued his trip to Italy. I had to go to the airport alone. CDG airport wasn't that big. But it lacks of English signboards. So I followed gambar2 je la. Coincidently, there was a bombing incident in Madrid, Spain 1-2 days before. I believe it was in train station. As usual, the airport security was tighter than before :(. I was asked to queue up in this special line just before Immigration counter because I was wearing tudung. I was questioned.

  • Where are you going?
  • Where are you from?
  • Who did you meet here?
  • Where did you stay?
  • Where are they heading after Paris?
  • What are you doing in the US? 
T__________________T. Takut. Bag pon kena check.

I was cleared in the end and managed to catch my flight back to New York. I hope when you grow up, these things are history. I hope those extremist will come to term that we share a world. Just make the best out of everything. We must respect each other's beliefs and religions. But kita still berpegang pada agama kita lah. Jangan campur-campur, tukar-tukar pulak. Paham tak Nak?

So that was my second date with papa.


P.S. Dah last, baru ada pengajaran.


Ana said...

best plak baca kisah cintan cintun lagi...nak lagi...hahaha (ni entry utk fifi ke sape ni..) :P

Lin Ghazale said...

haha. nnti bile mood sampai..bole la tulis lagi