Monday, November 1, 2010

How I Met Your Papa 101

Ingat lagi entry ni

Sekarang baru mood datang nak menulis. Itupon setelah mendapat kata2 perangsang daripada seseorang. *Ahem*

Here it goes.


I have never met your papa in real life after we were officially "dating". Only a year after that, I decided that I wanted to go to Japan to meet him. He wanted to come but then, after all the 9/11 chaos, I told him that it would be much difficult for him to get into the States, at least that was what we thought. A Malaysian Mohd, boarded a plane in Tokyo bound for New York - this wasn't a good idea as it might raise questions within The US immigration people. I know, because I once had to go through that. I'll write about this later.

Actually, I was berkira-kira to go home that winter. Mengada je nak balik winter. At the last minute, I called up your Oma and told her that I was going to Tokyo instead. A cool mother she was (still is), she just said "OK" (followed by questions of course like "bila?" "ada duit ke?" "naik apa?" Blabla) But that's cool. It's normal for a mother to ask these sort of questions. Ape2pon, hati mommy berbunga2 gitu.

All the process of buying tickets, applying for visa went very smooth. You know how I can be when it comes to planning right? Yes, I may look like a mess, but I *secretly* think way ahead. You'll know when your first day of school comes. 

Before I got to go merambu there, I had to sit for exams first. Haish. The part I dreaded that most! Alhamdulillah, all went well. *Kalau takde 3A at least, jangan panggil mommy, mommy. :P*. Remember this, study elok-elok before nak pegi berdating-dating bagai. INGAT!

My last paper was Signals and Systems, and I boarded the plane that very night jugak. Tak sabo2. Ekekeke. Huuuuuu! Berjam-jam! My butt went numb in the plane. Takde orang nak borak plak. Dah la naik kapal terbang mat saleh. Besar2 orangnya. Mommy rasa mcm sesak gila.

Setelah tiba; immigration, custom all cleared. Mommy pon keluarlah ke pintu arrival. Hati sudah dub dab dub dab! :P. I was looking for your papa, but I didn't see him. Iyelah, real life mana sama dgn media cetak mahupon media lain2. Muehehehe. But I knew, it was VERY easy for him to spot me because I was the only one yang pakai tudung kot? Plus, dia kata dia akan tegur. Takde pon! Aisey. I started to feel sedikit gelabah. Dah la kat negara orang tak cakap English! Even dekat custom earlier pon, I was like "Ok, ok" je. T___T. I wanted to cry but I held it in. Nanti, orang-orang Jepun kata apa plak kan? Macam tak betul je perempuan ni!

I was mundar-mandir tengok2 keliling for a few minutes. But it felt like forever :D. Sekali papa tegur dari belakang! Chis! Confirm la dah nampak lama. He was lucky because it was our first time meeting each other so I had to fake everything. Wahahahahahahaha. When you grow up, you will know about this. Kalau dah lama, I guess he would've got a good "pat" nn the back from me.

So that's all for now - I first met your papa in Narita Airport very early in the morning on 17 December 2003.

Let's see the pictures of us :)

In Takushoku University.
Statue of Liberty - Japan
Theirs is smaller than the one in the USA. I forgot the story behind Japan's Statue of Liberty. Hihi.

Statue of Liberty - USA

Tokyo Disneyland - we'll go there together one day orait? I promise

Gambar sikit-sikit cukup la ok Fifi? If you want to see more, I have them saved. We'll go over them together nanti.


yonna said...

huii bold kat PROMISE tu! cik fifi,bila agak2 dah boleh baca entry ni,tuntutlah janji kat mommy ok untuk pergi ke tokyo disneyland! :D

cik fifi,ini aunty yonna.yang rajin usik mommy bila mommy typo!hahahahah!

apesal mcm sedih je ni? LOL

Anonymous said...

See fifi..mommy 1st date dgn papa dkt jepon..nnt fifi pegi date kat marikh ke,neptune ke..mesti lebih dr mommy..

-auntie liz yang fifi slalu pow since you're besor kuman in your mommys perot.

rozanna- said...

what a nice entry, very nostalgia gitu!!

Ana said...

i like this entry~ (sambil cari button like)