Friday, November 12, 2010

12-11-10: She's 10 months old!

I am bad at pointing and listing out things that Fifi can do now. I'll give it a try.

She's yet to walk. Sometimes, when she "forgets" that she's not holding to anything, she can stand for a few seconds. She's more mobile and active. She understands, "no" or "jangan" or anything of that sort but she doesn't necessarily follow it. She loves watching ads on TV. Her current favorite ads is Colgate, the one with the talking toothbrushes. Ekeke. She likes it when the TV is on. If suddenly Astro lost its signal, she'll come in front of the TV with muka nak bagitau something is wrong. I can no longer take out the camera and shoot easily. She'll come to me to play with the camera or just to look at pictures (siap tinjau). I can no longer hold my iPhone peacefully T__________T. Laptop? Apetah lagi. 

There's more. Let's not bore everybody with them. Huhuhu. Biar aku enjoy sorang-sorang.

Kemas wallet
 Dia korek2 beg, jumpa wallet. Dan itulah hasilnya. Patot la senyap je.

Muka tak bersalah

Fifi + Mommy
Happy 10 months old, baby!


aieesha.salleh said...

waaa. fifi dah 10 months :) you go girl

Asna said...

selamat hari jadi la ye baby son semalam birthdaynye...:)tp baru 6bulan

Lin Ghazale said...

happy 6 months birthday naufal!

Melissa said...

2 more monthsssss.bday partay ktne?ekekekek

Lin Ghazale said...

faiz, aku tak publish comments kau. muahahahaha. perasan wei :P

mel, kat palace of golden horses. HAHAHAHA. i blom fikir lagi la. kerana, family i mmg takde birthday party. ke ada? tapi i tak igt. memory loss. ekekekeke. nnt kita pk ah.

Faiza said...

Thank u lin kerana tidak men "drop" kan my water face.. Huhu.. Btw buat la big birthday party.. Auntie faiz nk dtg bagik fifi hadiah nie hehe