Monday, October 4, 2010

Not 9 Yet

My daughter will be 9 months old in 8 days. :S And then in another 3 months, she will no longer be a baby but a toddler. Wah. Time flies, she's growing up so fast. "Like". But it also reminds me than I am also getting older. *sigh*. 

She's still not sleeping on her own *yet*. I don't wanna say that she can't because she actually can. 

Her teeth are coming out bagai cendawan tumbuh. But there are only 3 teeth so far. They came out one after another. It was not fun for her especially at night time. She couldn't sleep soundly. Maybe sebab gusi gatal. Roll sane, roll sini. Kadang2 tu marah jugak aku :S. Astaghfirullah. Oh and gigi dia sungguh besar. Besar pintu. Gene sapaaa la tuuuuuu.

She's a bumpy little girl. Bumps on her head. As of now, she has 3 bumps. Nothing I can do about that now. Only to be more careful in the future.

She can now stand and let go one of her hands, supporting her body with only one hand. When she finds something that fascinates her on the furniture, she grabs it using both hands and then she jatuh terduduk. Nasib baik, terduduk betul. Nasib tak baik, unbalanced. Maka, rebah la dia. Oleh itu, semua orang takde kerja lain selain duduk je blkg dia, jadi guard. She loves being in her cot, because she can stand and sit freely without having people watching her back.

This is her when she was 28 weeks old in my tummy.

Hmm I'm sleepy. Gotta cuddle my baby! Nite!

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