Saturday, October 30, 2010

Movies - Help Needed

I haven't been to the movies for that past 9 months or more. Because towards the end of pregnancy, I didn't feel like watching movies. Or there weren't any good movies at the time.

Therefore, I need your help to give me the title of all good movies that were out in that timespan. I wanna go buy their DVDs and watch them in the comfort of my own living room. Kehkehkeh.

Feel free to leave your comments. Senang aku nak merefernya semula.

Thank you in advance.


rozanna- said...

yg i dapat ingat....
1. inception
2. wallstreet 2: money never sleeps
dah tak ingat dah....

ajan said...

1. inception - harus!
2. Kick ass - kelakar and comel
3. Harry Potter? =D
4. Magika - serious lin kena tgk ni. Tapi ada senario, which kinda spoils it for me.
5. Date night - ok aaa.
6. Shutter's Island
7. time traveller's wife - sleep inducing pls!
8. toy story 3 - aku tak tgk lagi gak
9. day and knight - pun ubat tidur gak
10. diary of a wimpy kid - tak ingat pasal ape