Thursday, October 7, 2010

Social Network

Facebook - where you can find the most outrageous gossips and scandals (exaggerate gila outrageous konon). But it cannot defeat Friendster. Mencari bahan di Friendster dulu memang terbaik. OR am I too old to be a "detective" in social media now? OR  do I not have enough free time like I did when I was an undergrad? Muahaha. Apa2 pon, being a detective on in social media is fun and satisfying. HAHAHA. Satisfying tuuu. Memang takde kerja. Yes, memang takde pon because I am not working in any profit making companies now. Jeles tak? Ha? Tak jeles? Tak jeles takpe la.

Blog - where you can write whatever the heck you like, yang biasa, yang pedas, yang tak berapa pedas. The fact is people will read it. Even those who are not the slightest bit interested in you as a person; will read your blog. FUN tak? Benci2 pon baca jugak. I know. *wink wink sket*. I thank you for your contribution in my blog traffic. Muahaha. Datang lah lagi ok?

Twitter - is the BEST. Nuff said. Thank you Jack DorseyEvan Williams and Isaac "Biz" Stone. I should lock my account again. Tapi bila lock, tak dapat message org yang tak follow I. Kasihan. Kakaka.

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