Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Care Cool ey?

Pertama sekali, kita letak source. Opcoz la bukan aku yg came up with this. Hihihi.

This is a cool little graph that shows the effect of caring what people think about you on how people actually think of you. The more you care what people think of you, the less likely you are perceived to be a cool person. The less you care what people think of you and the more you do your own thing and have a strong sense of your own identity, the more people will think you are totally awesome.
Dah macam Barney Stinson. I love How I Met Your Mother. Loveeeeeee it!

Tapi, do not stop caring about other people....

on things that really matter, that is. Jangan la jadi macam mami jarum pulak. Semuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bende kau nak tau. Apa kau dah takde kerja lain? (Yang ni source lain. Lupa plak nak amik tadi. Hehe)

P.S. Entry serius dah berapa hari dah ni. Ternyata mood tak cukup baik.

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