Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bud's Organic, Ezerra, Eubos

Fifi has mild eczema. Her skin is dry. Not all over but at certain areas such as her neck, upper arms, thighs, calves. When she was in confinement, I didn't care about what products I used on her, I just used whatever people gave me as presents - J&J, Kiko, Pureen etc. After a while; I believe when she was 3 months old, I noticed she had rashes here and there, particularly in the areas I mentioned earlier.

I googled for mild daily care products on the Internet and I came across Bud's Organic. We used that for about 1-2 months and her condition did not get any better. Sama je. So we went to a paed clinic in Rawang, he suggested that we used Ezerra/Sebamed/Eubos. I didn't listen. I kept thinking that he could be wrong. Because you know, eczema is almost incurable, but controllable. 

Sekarang guna as hair shampoo je. Hihi.

Then a friend suggested, Ezerra. We bought both cleanser and lotion for her. With a cream prescribed by a paed, she has been better. Tapi Ezerra ni takde bau. Kosong je. Plus, some of those dry parts are still there - thighs and upper arms. The others dah elok. And tambah lagi pulak ada kat belakang badan. Aih.

So I started googling again for a few weeks and I found testimonials about Eubos Cream Bath Oil written by other mothers. According to the box, it is not only meants for eczema/dry skin, if your baby has rashes pon boleh. Ada lagi la a few skin conditions tulis kat situ. Malas pulak nak gi amik kotak. It also has a really nice smell. Sedap woh! I can't say much about Eubos because we just bought it. Who knows if Fifi ends up tak boleh pakai kan? So, let's wait and see. I hope with this, I can reduce the use of steroidal cream on her.

Eubos ni ada jugak range untuk adults. Rasa macam nak gi try je. But wait for LifeBuoy habes dulu la. 

In conclusion, ALL products are good but it really depends on one's skin jugak lah. Only you know what is best for you and your baby. I choose products that can save me a lot of headaches. Hihi.

P.S. Dulu masa keje HP, bila takde keje nak buat time lunch, selalu gi Guardian, Watson dengan kawan2 tengok product rambut, badan baru. Pastu tak pasal2 beli. Pastu yang kat rumah, ada org buat basuh kete. Wangi wooh kete ade org tu.


Akmal Akhpah said...

Kimi ada eczema since baby lagi. Sabun & lotion yang wangi-wangi ni mmg out of question lah. Before this we use many products gak until kitorang guna Halos n Horns. H&H ni mmg untuk eczema, bau pun best and very cheap (around RM3 for 250ml kat Giant).

IzzyB. said...

zara pakai sebamed/qv atas nasihat dr. tp zara's eczema to me is agak kronik. it's scrary. tp berkat sabar buh ubat and berpantang makan, her skin is ok dah now. br minggu ni start mkn ayam blk.

Lin Ghazale said...

ach, tu la.fifi pon takleh pakai brand2 yg wangi2 tu.yg org bagi adiah,aku yang pakai. nanti aku riki2 H&H tu plak just in case tak getting better.

zam, qv tu apa? cuba kau try ayam organic? kawan wandy punya anak, mmg horrible eczema sampai dah dapat asma satu pakej.anak dia takleh makan ayam biasa, ayam organic bole. takde gatal2. tp anak dia mmg kronik la, inhaler pon dadah dia dah maximum untuk budak2. and she's only 2-3 yrs old. kesian aa..merah2 badan

Lin Ghazale said...

eh jap ach, betol ke RM3 for 250ml? sebab aku tengok website dia cam 3.xx pound je?

Akmal Akhpah said...

yup betul.. check ah kat giant.. tatau ah kalau dah naik harga :D