Monday, September 6, 2010

When Mommy Goes Shopping

Justification: Do you still remember that my Nike sandals were stolen? Sob sob sob (I hope the thief has lost a leg by now) All I had post-incident, was a tipu Crocs sandals which I bought when I was pregnant. I had swollen feet towards the end of pregnancy, I needed new sandals. Takkan nak beli ori Crocs kot sebab for sure la sizing akan different lepas deliver. Hence, these red sandals. Wandy said buy the red ones. Okeh bebeh!

Justification: Ran out of blusher. And needed new color of lipstick. I usually buy from another brand. But at this moment, I just can't imagine myself being in Sogo or Midvalley. These are the two places I
have always made my purchase *of the brand* from. Once a year investment, must get a good brand :). Tahan lama bende2 ni. Sampai 'expired' haha. Even when I was working pon bole tahan lama. Hence, this purchase justified and worth it.

Hmm I actually didn't have to write this. Tapi buat jugak. Biasa la manusia. Orang kata jangan, itu yang dia buat. We've been doing it since we were babies. Lalala

Now I'm ready for Syawal!

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zamnzara said...

posie tint tu camne pakai? lots been raving bt it. aku jek dok guna.

Lin Ghazale said...

bole ltk kat cheek jadi blusher. bole letak kat lips mcmtu je mcm lip gloss...atau bole jgk letak lipstick after letak tint tu.