Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Fifi can already stand herself up. Supported of course. Excuse me, my child isn't bionic. As happy as I am that she can now do that, I'm also feeling a bit worried that she might bang her head somewhere again. Call me a paranoid.

I can no longer leave her alone in the living room or anywhere. She seems to be moving much quicker when I'm not looking. I'm sure any baby is :). I put her in her cot whenever I am doing something which needs both of my hands. I still feel uneasy with her in there. Akaka. A truly paranoid. She once fell on her back in the cot. Takut la kan? What if she hits her head on the frames?

With that being said, I know that I just need to let her go. Or else she will never learn. Mana bole itu macammmmm. Must let go and learn. Nanti tak kuat.

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Mama Ardini said...

Baby x hantuk kepala saja2 kot. Kalu dia terlepas dr tempat berpaut & terjatuh tu lain citer. Tapi mmg kena lebih berjaga2 at this stage. Bila da makin stable, kita bole monitor jauh skit, x payah dekat2 sgt. Hehe