Friday, August 27, 2010

Strange Act

Fifi has been acting quite strangely since yesterday morning. She refuses nursing. As long as I can remember, the last time she did this kind of behavior was when she was 4 months old. And there was nothing wrong with her back then. She just didn't want to drink. I had to force her, tried every other ways that I could possibly do.

And it's back again. At home, I usually nurse while she is lying down sideway. She doesn't want it that way now. I have yet to figure out how she wants me to nurse her. So she cries her heart out mcm kene dera. Sikit2 takpe. Dah lama, pujuk2 tak bole, suara pon naik. Yes, to a baby who doesn't know anything. I feel really bad :(. I know she's thirsty and hungry tapi mcmanaaaaaaa.

I haven't resorted to bottles yet because last time, she also refused bottles. Tapi dia memang takmau bottle sejak 3 bulan or earlier.

Apart of that, I also have to think what is wrong with her. Angin ke? Sakit ke? Termakan something ke? Telinga masuk air ke? Ha banyak ok nak pk? Makan ok je. Means mulut tak sakit la kot.

Adoi la. I'm seriously exhausted. I could use some water right now! Seriously. Every nursing time is a battle. Dah la kalau tak nurse takmau tidoooo. Comfort nursing dah jadinya. But whatever la yang tu. Aku bukan kerja. Let her be a baby.

Nasib baik esok weekend starts. I hope she'll be back to normal before Monday. Amin...

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Mama Ardini said...

Fifi nak besar kot..saje tunjuk ragam..hehehe..
about the bottle, coba ko try botol brand MAM..puting dia pipih & lembut (kalu ko nk ajar bottle la kan)..kot ler cik fifi nak..izzah dulu camtu gak, so aku try this bottle then it works..

Lin Ghazale said...

Ha nanti dah ready nak ajar botol lg, aku try MAM pulak. Sebelom ni dh try 2 bottle, tommie tippee ngan breastflow from first years. Dua2 pon dia taknak. Lepas ti aku terus jadi malas. Huhuhu