Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pneumococcal Vaccine Part III

We went for Fifi's follow-up on her skin condition. She has mild eczema if I haven't mentioned in earlier posts. While we were there, we asked about the vaccine. I told he doctor, we took all the others at government clinic because they are free and I never have to wait. Hihihi.

Dialog adalah lebih kurang saja.
Pneumococcal vaccine ni baru lagi, so government blom adopt lagi. Lagipon dia still mahal. Tapi government keep their eyes on it. Dia nak lawan penyakit yang sama dengan HIB vaccine. HIB, ade kat government kan? *Listing out the penyakit*. Tapi HIB ni lawan bacteria lain. Pneumococcal bacteria lain. But bacteria2 tu cause the same penyakit. Ok? Dia ada byk2 kali jab jugak ye? Sama macam HIB. Sofia dah 7, 3 kali jab. 7, 8 and 12 bulan.
Ooo ok. Ada 2 jenis kan doctor? *Buat2 pandai HAHA* Wyeth ngan GSK.
Ha ah ade 2 jenis. Yang Wyeth ni dah lama dah..yang GSK covers lebih sikit. Tapi yg lebih tu jarang sangat berlaku. It's up to parents la nak bagi yang mana. Synflorix (GSK) murah sikit. Ada yang baru lagi, Wyeth, cover 13. Tapi doctor tak recommend la. Kalau nak pon, Kita blom dapat lagi kat dalam stock hospital. So, nak ke? Nak yang mane?
We took Synflorix. The bill came up to RM192.xx including ubat demam. Excluding charge air liur and peluh doctor. Haha. So I guess the vaccine cost is around RM160-170. Will know for sure next month because we already have ubat demam .Takyah le beli bebanyak, nak bukak pharmacy ke? Prevnar is around RM185 kot.

So far, Fifi temperature has been normal. But I did give her 2 doses of ubat demam. 1 dose as soon as we reached home and then another one before she went to bed. Must be on alert around the clock for at least 24 hours.

Nak upload gambar. Tapi susah nak upload. AH Malas ah.

Fifi is seeing:
Dr. Mardziah Alias,
Pediatrician & Pediatric Dermatologist,
Damansara Specialist Hospital.

Ok bye!


Marjan Jeffry said...

this is what I meant by "baru".. BTW, boleh update blog with pic from iphone? seriously?

Lin Ghazale said...

Yeap baru kt msia je. But other parts of the world dah lama dah kot. Bole je upload pic kt blog guba iPhone. Guna apps la. Im using BlogPress