Thursday, July 22, 2010

1000 Things TO do

Hihi. Tipu aje.

  1. Go to Elle's wedding.
  2. Pay Julie.
  3. Go to IKEA to buy small tables for Mak, Adik dan SIL.
  4. Go back to Melaka.

  1. Go to Erin's wedding.
  2. Go jalan2 with Atuk's brand new car. Hoyeah.

  1. Go to get Fifi 6 months jab. Wehoo. After this it will be 12 months jab, then 18 months. Pastu habes. I think.

  1. Proposal - done. 
  2. Recommendation letter - done.
  3. Write essay


ajan said...

kau nak buat masters ker?

Lin Ghazale said...

takde la. haha.

zamnzara said...

i was going to ask ko tgh buat assignment ke. hahaha...

Lin Ghazale said...

hahaha. ha ah. buat homework tak pasal2